Agni Hybrid Fire Alarm Control Panel

Agni 1012

AGNI HYBRID fire alarm control panels demonstrate that value doesn’t have to come at the expense of quality, and that small building owners don’t have to settle for second-rate fire protection. With AGNI HYBRID comes a full lineup of advanced features designed expressly for new and retrofit projects that cry out for simplicity, yet need state of- the-art protection. These two attributes aren’t mutually exclusive in a fire alarm control panel. At least not now.

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AGNI HYBRID takes the very best conventional fire alarm technology available today and blends it with features that benefit installers, Customers, building owners and occupants to provide an effective and economical solution for all small building needs.

Building owners and occupants like AGNI HYBRID price and the peace of mind that comes from knowing their property is protected by equipment engineered and manufactured by the same people responsible for fire protection in some of the most valuable buildings on the planet. For over years Agni Instruments Engineers has been identified with the highest standards in property protection. Our name, and the quality and excellence it represents, stands behind every AGNI HYBRID control panel.

AGNI HYBRID even though they may not be aware of its existence. The fact that they don’t have to deal with annoying false alarms and buzzing control panels is all it takes to win them over. In fact, AGNI HYBRID Invisibility is one of its strongest selling points. Designed for rock-solid reliability, these panels are intended to be taken for granted, but can be depended upon to leap into action the moment they’re needed.

Customer benefit big time from AGNI HYBRID simple intelligent zone scanning setup . Its ingenious combination circuits support auto detection of zones, giving installers the flexibility they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Advance one touch zone testing mode inbuilt in the mother board makes it stand in a top position in compare with the fussy programmable panels. Customer get all the advantages AGNI HYBRID offers to building owners, occupants, and installers – plus the added bonus that goes along with knowing that
call-backs are a thing of the past, and that every AGNI HYBRID installation is a successful installation. Meeting the needs of so many applications with so few parts to stock means that inventories can be kept low while job turnover remains high. That’s a combination that makes AGNI HYBRID the stock-in-trade for successful Customers everywhere. With AGNI HYBRID there is no longer any reason to skimp on fire protection – no matter how small the job is. Full-featured and flexible, AGNI HYBRID meets the individual needs of small building applications and leaves plenty of room to accommodate upgrades and renovations far into the future.


Reliability you've come to expect from the industry's leader in Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels technology. These panels are designed to meet the general requirement of IS-2189 : 1999 and are extensively used in installation, which requires the NEFA specifications.


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